Traditional Jujitsu Classes

The study of Jujitsu can be traced back to 16th century Japan.

Its primary function is to allow the user to defend themselves should the need arise.

Our streets today are no battlefields of feudal Japan for sure but the need for us to remain safe and protect ourselves and our families have rarely been so important as they are right now.

Jujitsu has survived for many centuries due to its ability to adapt and change to suit the needs of its users at any given time. 

We live in a world where the need to protect & defend yourself has become an absolute necessity and cannot be ignored.

Our classes will show you all you need to build the confidence in your ability to defend yourself against an attack using strikes, kicks, throws pressure points and locks.

we will teach you how to read your environment to avoid dangers and to be able to use your environment to help you deal with aggressive situations.

This is not a short course and for many of us it has become a lifetime study.

You will, however, pick up basic technique very quickly and begin to develop your skills as time goes by.

You will be graded at regular intervals  throughout your training to monitor your progress.

The first 2 lessons are absolutely FREE of charge and will give you a taster of what Jujitsu is all about.