Club News
Important Announcement

We have, all of us, been through very uncertain times.
We have all had to contend with sacrifices that have come to us in many forms over this long year.
For four of our long standing Sensei this meant having to put on hold  their journey toward their next Dan grade.
A journey which had already taken over five years.
Five years of work and commitment which was to culminate in a formal grading last year.
An opportunity that was taken away from them by a nationwide lock down.
As you may be aware our grading system for 4th Dan and above is more to do with contribution and commitment toward the Martial Arts and the Torii style over many years of training.
The physical grading is a short demonstration of ability to support what I already know of the individual.
Knowing all the effort these gentleman have put into their training and our style over the years leads me to believe the physical grading planned for last year would have been a mere formality.
With this in mind I have decided to award the following grades to some well deserving Sensei.

Sensei Chris Daniels 5th Dan
Sensei Dave Thompson 4th Dan
Sensei Paul Sadler 4th Dan
Sensei Paul Smart 4th Dan

I am sure that you will all join me in Congratulating them  on a well deserved promotion.

Sensei Keith Power
Torii Jujitsu Kai